23 Kurdish Female Political Prisoners Held in Iranian Prisons

ERBIL — According to the statistics of Hengaw website for human rights in the Iranian Kurdistan, 23 Kurdish women and girls are held in prisons in Iran.

On March 8th, marking the International Women’s Day, the website released a detailed report about the Kurdish female inmates who are in prisons across the Iranian Kurdish region on different political charges.

Of the 23 inmates, two were sentenced to life imprisonment and 14 women and girls have also been sentenced to a total of 105 years and six months in prison. Moreover, seven others are currently detained with no sentence issued for them.

According to the report, seven women have been issued 102 months in prison and 24 months suspension.

During the past year, at least 25 Kurdish women were arrested by the Iranian regime, intelligence service and other security agencies, all of whom have been acquitted or released temporarily except 5.

The source released a list including the names of all the Kurdish women in the Iranian prisons.

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