A portfolio of Iraq

A portfolio of Iraq, world leader in electronic banking services in Iraq, the company has expanded Zain Cash services by introducing and launching  electronic commerce with many channels in platform, in order to enable entrepreneurs. will allow small and medium enterprises to launch their own e-stores within 24 hours without any additional subscription fees, is the first platform of its kind in Iraq, will be available for Zain Iraq.

It will reduce the costs and efforts related to the design, coding and building the website, this will allow entrepreneurs start their businesses in electronic projects smoothly and quickly, prompting traders who deal with conventional methods to open channels sell their own digital easily.

The launch will play an important role in helping to develop economic diversity, which is essential for the progress and development of Iraq, which is in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and sustainable specifically eighth goal of “decent work and economic growth,” which provides for the promotion of economic growth sustainable and provide decent jobs for all in a full and productive employment.

This innovative work that offer a portfolio of Iraq is an ideal solution for a country like Iraq, given that the age groups of the population is mostly of young people, with an estimated 50 percent of Iraq’s population is under 19 years of age. The offset by the use of high technology significantly in Iraq in previous years where the ratios that 78 percent of Iraqis are using mobile phones and 12% of them have a computer of their own.

Used on Facebook Messenger to promote e-commerce platform and simplifying the shopping activities, by the fact that there are large numbers of Iraqi companies and consumer activists on the social networking site Facebook, within a billion people use Facebook Messenger per month around the world, this process will help the channel to showcase their products and talk with customers, what would make an effective process for customers, in addition customers will be able to see the goods merchants, talk with them via Facebook Messenger and this is what will make them able to identify the services and products they need, and thus complete the purchase through.

According to CEO of a portfolio of Iraq Tamimi “We see many of the pioneers of talented business who only need tools that help them profit and build a sustainable business, we are very excited to support these efforts and believe that the platform (Chanbar) will help thousands of Iraqi entrepreneurs and encourage them to turn their ideas into reality.”

He said that “through this platform we look forward to reflect the latest trends in shopping behavior, we believe that the use of Facebook Messenger as a platform to sell other in parallel, is a step forward because of the popularity of the service and we expect to prove a great success.”

Facebook Messenger application is renowned among Iraqi consumers, who spend a lot of time discovering and staying on the application and communicate with Facebook.

The youth development today plays an important role in the efforts of the Zain Group aims to achieve sustainability, this is evident in the market, such as Iraq because of the proportion of young people and opportunities for official action limited, due to the weakness of social stability in the country, so the company continues to play an effective role in promoting Entrepreneurship and e-commerce and digital economy in Iraq.

Portfolio Iraq “Zain Cash” was founded in March 2013 and aimed to develop financial solutions via mobile devices and the Internet, which is licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) in December 2015, the largest provider of e-banking in Iraq, as it offers Iraqi customers to easily and effectively move the operations and financial services across the country.

These include purse money transfer services via the P2P (person to person) and payment of utility bills and digital goods and e-commerce, to mobilize the assets of mobile phones, all of these operations can be performed directly from the mobile phone subscriber Zain Iraq, whether it’s a smart phone or a mobile phone unusual or by any agent of the portfolio Iraq.

It should be noted that all current services Zain Cash and future are subject to safety regulations and protocols established by the Central Bank of Iraq, which has established a regulatory and administrative and operational frameworks for these services in line with international standards. It is the task of the central bank to strengthen confidence in the economy through the creation of a secure economic environment coupled with a competitive system properly for all, it has translated this idea through a number of policies and measures introduced by these major financial institution on several occasions.

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